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  Welcome to the enchanted world of


Fashions by sasha 


 P.O. Box 30472;   Mesa, AZ  85275

Unique Custom Animal Apparel



You have entered a world where all your pet's fashion desires are guaranteed to be fulfilled.  We start with a wide selection of unique dog bandanas.  But, do we stop there, oh no, we have cat bandanas too. In fact, if you have a pet or know someone who has a pet, or just want to dress up a stray animal that frequents the neighborhood, we have a pet bandana suited just for them.  And we don't stop there.  Yes! For those who have a slightly larger pet, those that can be ridden and tend to have a nagging attraction for flies, we have horse tail bags.  We have bright tail bags, striped tail bags, and even flying tail bags.  So come on in! 


Greetings, I'm Sasha and I will be your host as you journey thru the mystical kingdom of unique animal attire. 

All products are produced personally by the wizard.  They are for those who wish to ascend to the next level of fashion.  To leave behind the drab, monotonous look of the many and become one of the unique and enviable few. Creatures throughout the kingdom have come to stand before the wizard in hope that he may bestow upon them the magical garbs that dazzle and mystify the mortal imagination. Therefore, the wizard has cast his spell to create a line of fashions to include the enchanted bandanas, guaranteed to satisfy the majestic desires of all creatures. In addition, the wizard has conjured up a mystical array of tail bags for unicorns and horses alike, that will project prominence and distinction to all who display them.



Have a suggestion or comment, contact the wizard.

Just cast an email to

All orders may be returned within 30 days for an 

exchange or a refund, if received in new condition.


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